How will we move in the future and what role will the designer play within this reality?

Everyone, in one form or another, is exposed and shaped to the necessity of transporting ourselves, others and things from one place to another. It is in our surviving nature to move and since the invention of the motor vehicle in the 19th century, we have grasped this freedom without doubt or consequence. This discussion intends to address new modes of mobility and the services that support them, by sharing experiences with Portuguese leaders working within this global industry, offering an alternative perspective into this future reality and the importance of design within this context.


21/07, 15:30-17:30

Biblioteca Almeida Garret, Porto


Entrance is free, but spots are limited (max. 100)


Alastair Fuad-Luke, introduce PDB21, theme and objectives

Jeremy Aston, opens session


Cristina Oliveira (Manager of Transport area at CITEVE)

João Ornelas (Design consultant for Automotive and Product Design)

Luís Leitão (Leader of Automotive & Product Design Team at CEIIA)

Patrícia Vasconcelos (Caetano Bus)

Spiros Fotinos (Director of Lexus Europe & EV Planning at Toyota Motor Europe)

Teresa Franqueira (Director and Scientific Coordinator of the Design Factory Aveiro)

About the speakers



Cristina Oliveira

Cristina Oliveira has a Master’s degree in Materials Engineering from the University of Minho. She did her master’s thesis in collaboration with the Materials Science Institute of Madrid in the area of coatings for biomedical applications. She has industrial experience in the metal-mechanic sector. In 2010 she joined CITEVE, and is currently Textile Applications Manager in the area of Mobility and Transport, also performing management functions and participating in several national and international R&D projects. She is a member of the team of inventors of 5 patent applications. She is a trainer in the areas of materials, innovation, methodologies of new product developments and textile structures for reinforcement of composites.


João Ornelas

João Ornelas is an award-winning designer, specialized in automotive and product design. Started his automotive design career at Renault in Paris (France), where he designed the 1997 Renault Pangea concept-car. Worked at Novodesign in Lisbon, was motorcycle design consultant for Piaggio (Italy), and managing director of Grandesign. There he worked across a wide range of vehicles and products, from automobiles to scientifc and industrial robots, medical devices, consumer products, public lighting and agricultural machines. Designed and built the JH12, the first 100% Portuguese off-road race car. Since 2016, he has focused exclusively on design consulting for luxury automobiles, mobility and robotics.


Luís Leitão

Luís Leitão coordinates design teams and has a graduation in Equipment Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, FBAUL. In 2008 he joined CEIIA, and since 2012 he has been responsible for the Style team, leading the design and development of new automotive and urban mobility products, designed to be used as a service.


Patrícia Vasconcelos

Patrícia Carmen Lince Biburger Mariares Vasconcelos born, in Porto, on April 9 of 1971. She has a degree in Business Management from the Faculty of Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, and a MBA in Business Management from Porto Business School (2007/2008). Her long professional career started in 1995, at Grundig in Braga. Later, she became the Director of Controlling Department at Aventis, in Lisbon, and then, for 10 years, she was the sub-director of Mergers and Acquisitions at a Portuguese Private Bank. In 2009, she assumed the position of Chief Financial Officer at PROBUS, SA. Today, she is a Managing Director and CEO of CaetanoBus SA, CEO of COBUS Industries and also a managing director at Caetano UK.


Spiros Fotinos

International award winning business leader, start-up mentor and board advisor with extensive global, regional and local experience in both strategic planning as well as hands-on implementation. A profound understanding of business, branding and marketing. A solid track record in delivering even under the most challenging conditions and crises. Digital innovator with several European and world firsts. Very strong business acumen, combining analytical skills with creativity. A team player but with a proven ability to lead and inspire. An experienced public speaker. Trying to give back through volunteer work in supporting up and coming entrepreneurs.


Teresa Franqueira

Teresa Franqueira is a designer and Associate Professor at the University of Aveiro. She is the Director and Scientific Coordinator of the Design Factory Aveiro and the International Coordinator of the DESIS Network – Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability. She is also member of several scientific committees in national and international Design Conferences and jury of international design competitions. She teaches across Europe and Asia and has been the local coordinator of Erasmus + projects for social innovation, circular economy and sustainability. Teresa has been invited as a keynote speaker in national and international conferences and has organise several workshops worldwide (Italy, Portugal, Sweden, UK, Finland, Brazil, China, Turkey, Cambodja, Thailand, Myanmar, Malasia, among others). She has been supervising PhD and Master students within the topics of Design for Social Innovation, Design for Sustainability, Product Design and Service Design.