Control Wars Laboratorio

Control Wars Laboratorio

Control Wars is, at the same time, a game and a laboratory that aims to give its participants a platform to examine and transcend the perceived social limits, thereby opening space for the exploration of a new imaginary and the testing of transition processes that can project more livable realities. Performance, fiction, conflict and collaborative world creation are the pillars of this project that will be open to everyone’s participation.



02 a 23 de junho

Led by Becoming, participants will relate to emerging theoretical concepts and actionable mechanisms from design, philosophy, science, technology and society and theatre, and individual and collective experiences to discuss and co-design key inputs to the game.


Develop understanding of concepts used within CW using key texts from emerging philosophy of science and technology, cyberfeminism to craft tactics (articulated through player cards) and experiment with different forms of LARP, Role Play and character development in the crafting of Gangs (For example, past Gangs have been cyborg shamanists, Accelerationalist Communalists, Transhumanists, Conspiracy Extremists).

Play CW

Casa de São Roque, Porto

02 e 03 de julho

16:00 – 19:00

Participants convene into ‘new world’ gangs (groups of 3 to 4 people) and set out to reach their goal for the future by rehearsing and enacting maneuvers for transition through storytelling, speculative and theatrical enactment (LARP’ing) through which technodiverse futures and otherkin cosmopolitics emerge. 



Become futural and build an understanding of how to expand imaginaries that overcome the systemic inertias causing planetary devastation and shape the unknowable and surface potentials for alternative realities from the perspectives of emerging philosophical and theoretical discourse and worldviews.

Virtual Exhibition


09 de julho a 09 de agosto

Outputs generated through the Laboratorio and Play, including stories of fictive worlds, stories, strategies and enacted maneuvers will be exhibited in an virtual online exhibition and game space.