Guided tours

Porto Design Biennale 2021 launched a program of free guided tours to the main exhibitions: Museum of Vibrant Matter, curated by Alastair Fuad- Luke and hosted by Casa do Design, Matosinhos, from June 2 to October 2.  Visits are aimed at diverse audiences, and in interaction with school programs from different areas and levels of education.

The Museum of Vibrant Matter encourages us to adopt radical, yet humble, attitudes beyond anthropo-supremacy so we can collectively design preferable material futures that regenerate us, our communities and our terrestrial/aquatic/marine habitats. Balancing inspiration with pragmatism, curiosity with playfulness, existing material(itie)s with potential material(itie)s, at the Museum of Vibrant Matter, we encourage people to become “material explorers”.


Hours and capacity

Monday to friday

10:00 am-11h00 am

15h00 am – 16h00 am

Capacity: 25, guide included

Guided tours for a minimum of 10 people